Take a look at the latest edition of Prémio magazine, the institutional publication from CV&A Consultores where we analyze the events that mark the world’s agenda, and where we get to know new business trends. A space for digest and opinion in a magazine made by a group of permanent editors and with the participation of guests from the most diverse areas.

We believe that in all connections, between people, organizations and communities, dialogue and communication are the most solid foundation for success. Strategies and plans are of little value if they do not carry a well-demarcated message to the right people. At CV&A, we believe in communication as the ultimate means for success, to build a solid image and reputation, factors that will be essential to achieve your goals and those of your brand. From the beginning, our teams have developed the best and most innovative methodologies to take care of your image. Trust us with your communication, because for us there is nothing more important than your reputation.